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Gallery of Ideas using Amy's kits.

Water Lily

Water Lily is a great building block to improve your beading skills. Learn to quickly make a cabochon surround that will weave up fast.Knowledge of right angle weave is helpful .Finished pendant measures 1-1/8” across, earrings measure ¾” across. Beading Level – Beginner to Intermediate with some beading experience.
water lil\y
Water Lily Pendant Water Lily Earring Water Lily Alabaster


The pretty Twilight Pendant and Earring set of modified right angle weave is embellished with crystals on the front and seed beads on the back making it reversible as well as showing two different methods of adorning a simple pendant to make it spectacular.  Skill Level - Intermediate, a knowledge of right angle weave is helpful. Finished pendant will measure 1-1/4”, earrings 1”.

twilightpendplum twilightpendplumback twilightearplum
Twilight Pendant Twilight Pendant Back Twilight Earrings
kittwilightcopper kittwilightblk kittwilightblue



Color Ideas:
Turquoise Stone/Gold


Based on Amy's 'Metropolitan' Necklace (3rd place Bead Dreams), Metro is a new approach to cubic right angle weave. A great building block to creating more intricate designs. Skill level - Intermediate to advanced. Finished pendant measures 1” square by ¼” deep.
metromainfront metromainback metromainside
Metro Pendant Metro Pendant Back Metro Pendant Side View
metrojet2x metroblkgold metroolive


Color Ideas:
JetAB/GoldAurum 2x
OlivineAB/Gold Aurum 2x
Light Col. Topaz 2x/AmethystAB

Starry Night

Reminiscent of a starry night, this pendant is another component from my ‘Metropolitan’ necklace. The sparkling base of Swarovski Crystals is embellished with a double crystal flower. Skill level- some knowledge of right angle weave is helpful.Finished pendant measures 1” square.

starrymain starryblk starrytopaz
starrypink   Color Ideas:
JetAB/Gold Aurum
Amethyst/Light Col. Topaz2X
Indian Pink/Gold Aurum

Pansy Pendant Kit

Pretty Pansy Pendant has instructions for 3 variations. Learn how to build upon a basic design with the additional embellishment techniques included. Skill level-some knowledge of right angle weave is helpful. Finished pendant measures 1” across.

pansyroseone pansyrosetwo pansyrosethree
Pansy Pendant One Pansy Pendant Two Pansy Pendant Three
pansyamethystone pansyamethysttwo pansyamethystthree
pansyblueone pansybluetwo pansybluethree
kitpansyaqua kitpansyolive

Colors Ideas:
Amethyst/Erinite(light green)
Blue/Topaz AB

Bling Blossom

A sparkling Swarovski rivoli cabochon captured in a right angle weave technique works up quickly.
Swarovski crystals and pearls surround the rivoli and tiny seed beads added for contrast. Skill level- some knowledge of right angle weave is helpful. Finished pendant measures 1"

blingaqua Blingolive

Color Ideas:
Aqua/Tahitian Blue/Dak Sapphire
Olive/Light Green/Amethyst

Gallery of Ideas

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twilightidea metroideaone  

Twilight Pendant on Silk Necklace

Larger version of Metro with a Starry Night pendant in the center.

metroideatwo metroideafour metrothree

Larger version of Metro with a Starry Night pendant in the Center and a Cabochon added to the bottom.

Starry Night with a Cubed Circle

Starry Night with Cabochon

metropolitan decodance bluemoon

Larger version of the Metro Pendant with Starry Night and Cabochons added.

Deco Dance
Centerpiece of 4 Metro pendants connected together.

Blue Moon
Metro pendant with inner embellishment.


All that Jazz
3 Metro Pendants and cabochons.



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