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My bead woven jewelry designs are created to celebrate the unique style of the individual. Each piece is handmade by the artist, one bead at a time, using the highest quality materials and attention to detail. The photos on my web site are samples of my jewelry; please contact me for availability or to place a custom order.
Published in the Beaders Handbook 2017
Best of Show Gallery Award 2015 East Lansing Art Fair

Phoenix Phoenix Detail
Phoenix Phoenix Detail
leather necklace della robia necklace Marchesa
Road Queen Della Robia 'Bead Dreams 2014 Marchesa
Shibori Pink Tilapia Bracelet Tila Squares Bracelet
Shibori Silk Cuff Tilapia Leather Cuff Tila Squares Bracelet
Fairy Blues Earth and Sky Baby
Fairy Rainforest III Earth and Sky Baby
summer lace Tile Swag Necklace Summer Lace 2
Summer Lace Tile Swag Necklace Summer Lace II
deco rainforest 4 sunset blossoms
Deco Dance Rianforest IV Sunset Blossoms
pearls for ssarah Earth Mother contessa

Pearls for Sarah

Earth Mother

cuffEmbrCobalt cuffEmbrOrGreen cuffEmbrErin
Cuff Cobalt Cuff Rust and Green Cuff Erin
Earth and Sky Merlot navajo
Earth and Sky 'Bead Dreams Merlot Navajo Bride
rainforest all that jazz blue moon
Rainforest All that Jazz 'Bead Dreams' Blue Moon
BraceletEmbroidRed cuffEmbrrainforest cuffEmbrRoyal
Cuff Embroidered Reds Cuff Rainforest Cuff Royal and Cream
wreath ear steampunk ear rainforest ear
Crystal Wreath Steampunk Turquoise Rainforest Earrings
sea flowers early autumn royal blues
Sea Flowers Early Autumn Royal Blues
fleur de lis marrakech sapphire
Fleur de Lis Marrakkech Sapphire
pearl square burg tapestry lorraine
Pearls Squared Tapestery Lorraine
amelia nova rhoda
Amelia Nova Rhoda
metropolitan evening paris larriott
Metropolitan 'Bead Dreams' Evening in Paris'Bead Dreams' Larriott
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